maandag 3 november 2008

Handy sharepoint development tools

There are a few sharepoint development tools that I like very much.

I will list them here:
  • WSPBuilder Extensions (Visual studio addin)
    This tool allows me to deploy, upgrade and test my solutions faster.
  • Reflector (Red gate, previously Lutz Roeder)
    This tool allows me to reverse engineer dll's, especially handy for getting the fully qualified name of your dll's and also for reverse engineering sharepoint dll's to see how they do it.
  • Sharepoint manager 2007
    Handy tool to inspect properties / fields / folders through a winforms application. It's definintly easier than writing your own console applications ;-). I use this a lot for checking propertybags of which I am a huge fan.
  • IE Developer toolbar
    Addin to inspect your sites HTML and CSS. Used mainly for branding and updating masterpages / pagelayouts. Note: this is already embedded within IE 8 beta
  • Fiddlder
    Creates a proxy so you can see all the traffic sent. This enables you to find some bottlenecks like f.e. slow webservice

Have a nice evening!

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