vrijdag 6 juni 2008

Planning for sharepoint boundaries

I just wanted to point out a great article on the limitations of sharepoint found on technet:

Thanks to Bart for pointing this out for me (http://bartvandenheede.blogspot.com/)!

One note I would like to add to to the limitation of 2000 SPPrincipals (meaning either SPUser or SPGroups) per SPWeb. It isn't per sé wrong what they are stating there, but it should be 2000 principals per site collection.
The explanation for this is that each principle you add to a subweb automatically adds the principle to the rootweb, but with limited access.
This is to ensure that the principle has access to the subsite, but not to the sites above it.

If every site adds their principles automatically to the rootsite, the limit on the rootsite will quickly reach its limit of 2000.

Have a nice day,


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